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SOHFEA Software Package V2.0
SOHFEA: Sulfide-Oxygen-Heat-Flux Eddy Analysis
Software Package Version 2.0

DRAFT User Manual & Program Download

Overview: The sheer volume of data produced by the eddy correlation can be intimidating, especially for newcomers to the field. Deployments between 3-5 days long can produce over 16 million lines of data that must be processed for quality control and data analyses in an efficient and expedient manner.

The purpose of the SOHFEA software package is to provide the eddy correlation community with a fast and efficient means to preprocess, average and analyze their eddy flux data. SOHFEA is designed for both rapid "field-processing" of data for a first look on data quality and fluxes as well as for final processing for publication-level results.

SOHFEA is written in Fortran 90 and uses a Fortran digital compiler to ensure fast program execution times (minutes for a 5-day long data set, depending on processor). SOHFEA is free to the academic and scientific community and can be downloaded here.

The instruction manual assumes an introductory knowledge of the eddy correlation technique; however some key references are provided. The manual is geared towards (but not limited to) the GEOMAR eddy configuration (McGinnis et al. 2011) and the recommended eddy data collection settings: continuous mode (as opposed to burst) at 64 Hz. In my opinion, these settings provide optimum flexibility for extracting high quality data.

Drop me an email if you're using SOHFEA and I will add you to the update list (major updates only).

TO EXECUTE SOHFEA - Simply copy executables and configuration file to the folder containing your data. Enter the correct parameters in the configuration file, and then execute the programs in order (or download a BATCH file).

Explore the links to the left for ancillary processing routines and an example data set.

I am very interested in any comments/questions/concerns, and of course, bug reports. Please let me know.

Currently, the program handles the standard Vector file format. For other formats, please email me with a small sample of your Eddy output files. I will gladly provide an appropriate converter.

Happy processing!



SOHFEA - COMPLETE PACKAGE (including user manual) - updated 30 Jan 14
USER MANUAL (PDF) - updated 30 Jan 14

Individual programs and sample configuration file
Step1_filter.exe - updated 29 May 13
Step2_despike.exe - updated 29 May 13
Step3_rotate.exe - updated 29 May 13
SOHFEA.exe - updated 29 May 13
SOHFEAHeat.exe - updated 31 May 13

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Updated January 30, 2014
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